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February 19 2016

Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm
ATtiny Watch is Tiny
DIY Shapeoko 3 Enclosure
Tiny USB Morse Code Beacon

February 18 2016

$3 Smartphone From India
Reposted bydvfsys dvfsys
GuardBunny Active RFID Protection Going Open Hardware
The Contrarian Response To Apple’s Need For Encryption
Show me the Data: Hackaday.io Year #02
Resurrecting a 1960’s VTR with Foam
5D Glass Disc Can Store 360TB!
TV Control With Hand Gestures
All This Bike Needs Is Some Snow!
Musical Shades

February 17 2016

The Voice Recognition Typewriter
FAXing in 1843
Building a Sheet Metal Pistol
About Those Gravitational Waves
Barcodes that Hack Devices
It’s Alive! — Badge for Hackaday Belgrade
Solar-powered Weather Station Knows Which Way The Wind Blows
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