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March 30 2017

The Smallest Wave Blaster Card
Lint for Shell Scripters

March 29 2017

Power Sipping Master Keeps Slave Clock on Time
Save Big by Hacking Your Car Keys
A Wallflower Jumps into the Los Angeles Unconference
Marvelous Mechanisms: The Ubiquitous Four Bar Linkage
Friday Hack Chat: Audio Amplifier Design
Swan: Better Linux on Windows
Don’t Fear the Filter: Cascading Sallen-Keys
Use a Mini PCI-e 3G Card with USB Instead
Sandwich Together a Raspberry Pi Laptop
Another 74XX Series CPU
Vintage Transistor powers QRP Transmitter

March 28 2017

3G to WiFi Bridge Brings the Internet
2017: The Year of the Dishwasher Security Patch
The Midwest RepRap Festival Spectacular
Retrotechtacular: Stereo Records
Next Weekend: The Vintage Computer Festival East
Russian Hackers Domain Fronting
Source Parts on TaoBao: An Insider’s Guide
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