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May 25 2017

These Engineering Ed Projects are Our Kind of Hacks
Radar Sensors Put to the Test
What Lies Within: SMT Inductor Teardown

May 24 2017

Only 90s Kids Will Appreciate This Prototype
Fooling Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Recognition
Hackaday Prize Entry: Underwater Glider Offers Low-Power Exploration
Hackaday’s BAMF Meetup Spills into the Streets of San Mateo
On Point: The Yagi Antenna
Friday Hack Chat: Antiquated Technologies With Fran Blanche
[Bre Pettis] Buys Other Machine Co.
First Look at ABC: Basic Connections
Practical Enclosure Design, Optimized for 3D Printing
Tightwad Hacks Label Printer, Beats Manufacturer at Own Game
Bring Home a Classic Synth with the DIY Fairlight CMI
Run From the Sound of Footsteps in Blind Game of Tag

May 23 2017

Google Home Meets ESP8266
Arise, Chicken, Arise!
Hackaday Prize Entry: Rangefinder + Camera = SmartZoom
The Textile Bench
Go Big or Go Home: A Tablecloth Touchpad
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