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June 13 2017

Our Gunpowder And Tea Came From China, Why Didn’t We Copy Their Wheelbarrows?
A Magic Light Bulb For All Your Bright Ideas
The Red Special: Brian May’s Handmade Guitar
A Cold Press Juicer For the Price of a Few Trips to Jamba Juice
Harrier-like Tilt Thrust in Multirotor Aircraft
A Universal USB To Quadrature Encoder
Oh No! It’s the Claw Again!

June 12 2017

Paper Circuit Does Binary Math with Compressed Air
New Brain for Smart Vacuum
Hackaday Prize Entry: Compact Braille Printing Press
PrusaControl: The Beginner’s Slicer
Wings, Wheels, and Walkers that Move Humanity Forward
How Smart is the Grid?
Design a Coil for a Specific Inductance
Big Slew Bearings Can Be 3D Printed
Multifunction Raspberry Pi Chiptune Player
Universal Robots Vision-Based LEGO Stacker

June 11 2017

Hackaday Links: June 11, 2017
Hackaday Prize Entry: USB GSM GPS 9DOF SD TinyTracker Has All the Acronyms
The Oldest Known Surviving PC Operating System
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